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    At Royal, we know it is difficult to visualize the trucks we have, the new innovations that come to life at Royal, and where you can find the training you need. Our videos are an important representation of our products, team, and innovations. Under each section below, you will find videos that will enhance your experience. Enjoy.



    TMA Trucks / Cone Safety Trucks



    The 3-in-1 Truck - TMA + Cone Safety Truck + Stake Body


    Royal's Cone Safety Truck


    Royal's Best in Class Hino TMA Truck


    The How to Operate the Royal TMA Truck Scorpion 


    The Why It's Worth is to Have a TMA in Your Work Zone 


    Royal Introduces the TMA Dump Truck 


    The Roadrunner - Automatic Cone Placement and Positioning


    The 2016 Pink TMA Truck For Breast Cancer - Inside Tour 


    The Royal Truck & Equipment Hook N'Go Truck (Hooklift) 



    TMA Trucks Tame the Road  




    TMA Truck Crash Footage



    Car Crashes Directly into TMA Truck at Midnight



    Tractor Trailer hits Attenuator in Night Work Zone




    The Mobile Safety System / Technology Package



    Royal's Truck Technology Package


    Royal's Arrow Board Information




    Work Zone Technology Solutions



    Royal's Truck Mounted Generator


    Royal Introduces "Sonetics Headsets"


    Royal Introduces "Illumagear Halo Light"


    The Autonomous TMA Truck (ATMA)





    Royal's Forest & Landscape Trucks


    Forestry Body & Epsilon Palfinger Z-Fold Crane

    Landscape Truck With Palfinger Epsilon Crane


    Custom Chip Body With Epsilon Grapple Crane

    High County Tree Service Testimonial



    A Royal's Professional Internship



    Summer Internship Class of 2015


    Summer Internship Class of 2016