Thank you to everyone who helped support this cause! Our promotion has ended...and we had a great time with it!

    • Royal Truck & Equipment is Excited to Announce the Pink TMA Truck!
    • Order a Pink TMA Truck Breast Cancer Shirt Today!
    • The Pink TMA Truck Raises Money for The National Breast Cancer Foundation
    • Protect More Than Just Your Work Zone with a Pink TMA Truck for Breast Cancer
    Donate Directly to The National Breast Cancer Foundation


    How A #PinkTMA Purchase Helps Support Breast Cancer

    Every Penny Counts...and Royal Truck & Equipment Has Decided It Is Time To Help

    Royal Truck & Equipment has employees that have friends and family members who wake up to the harsh reality of breast cancer every day. Our company got together and decided to do something about it....and help...the best way we know how - build a TMA Truck! We have teamed up with Hino Trucks, and are excited to announce our limited edition Hino #PinkTMA Truck!

    A portion of every purchase of these 2017 268 Hino TMA Trucks will go to National Breast Cancer Foundation. The National Breast Cancer Foundation's mission is to provide help and inspire hope to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education, and support services.

    The limited edition Hino #PinkTMA Truck is available through October! Order yours today!

    Check out a short video clip that answers the "why" behind Royal's limited edition Pink Hino TMA Truck.


    Take The Pledge To Support The Cause!

    Do you believe in Royal's mission to help raise awareness (for triple negative breast cancer), fund research and help find for a cure for breast cancer by building Pink TMA Trucks? We have a great way for you to show it! Have your company logo proudly displayed on the plaque below.

    By "taking the pledge", your company logo will be featured on the Pink TMA Truck breast cancer awareness campaign plaque shown's so simple, and helps spread the word! Also, receive a free #PinkTMA Truck Support Sticker Download when you take the pledge!

    Take the #PinkTMA Truck Support PledgeRoyal Truck & Equipment Breast Cancer Truck Pledge Plaque


    • Royal Truck
    • Royal Truck & Equipment Think Pink Shirt

    Free Mammograms

    Royal is supporting National Breast Cancer Foundation's mission to partner with medical facilities across the country to provide free mammograms and diagnostic breast care services to underserved women through NBCF National Mammography Program.

    • Royal Truck & Equipment is helping support Breast Cancer research
    • Royal Truck & Equipment Get Your Pink On Shirt

    Breast Cancer Research

    Royal is proud to support National Breast Cancer Foundation's continued effort to help women now by funding targeted research. Diseases like triple-negative breast cancer have been very difficult to treat and doctors need to know more about its cause.

    • Royal Truck & Equipment is helping support Cancer Research
    • Royal Truck & equipment

    Breast Health Education

    The Royal team is happy to support The Breast Health Education Program that empowers women to take control of their health by educating them about their body and providing important breast cancer resources. It is important to know. Knowledge is power.

    The 268 Hino Truck has earned the reputation of providing the lowest cost of ownership in its class. The outstanding fuel economy, proven reliability and strong residual value make the 268 the ideal truck for pick up and delivery, and moving operations.
    • 5 Year Warranty
    • 24/7 Coverage When You Need It
    • J08E-VC Engine 8-liter, 220 HP 
    • Programmable Idle Shutdown 
    • Davco Heated Fuel Filter 
    • Single Cylinder 15.0 CM Air Compresor 
    • Bridgestone Tires
    • Standard Allison Transmission That Is A Fully Automatic Six-speed Transmission that Provides Smooth, Seamless Full-power Shifts
    • Custom Painted Cab, Racks, and Man Buckets Breast Cancer Pink - Add Your Company Logo To The Doors Of Your Truck
    • Custom Bed Sizes
    • A Portion Of The Pink TMA Truck Purchase Will Go To The National Breast Cancer Foundation

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    Support Royal's Breast Cancer Efforts By Buying a Shirt! Choose Your Favorite Design Below! (We are sorry - the shirts are no longer available)
    50% of the proceeds will go to National Breast Cancer Foundation!
    "Think Pink" T-Shirt - Choose Between Distressed & Non-Distressed Styles -$25/ea
    Think Pink TMA Truck T-Shirt Design Think Pink TMA Truck Distressed T-Shirt Design
    "Get Your Pink On" T-Shirt - Choose Between Distressed & Non-Distressed Styles - $25/ea
    Get Your Pink On TMA Truck T-Shirt Design  Get Your Pink On TMA Truck Distressed T-Shirt Design
    "Real Work Zones Are Pink" T-Shirt - Choose Between Distressed & Non-Distressed Styles - $25/ea
    Real Work Zones Are Pink TMA Truck T-Shirt Design  Real Work Zones Are Pink TMA Truck Distressed T-Shirt Design