Royal Built Hooklift Trucks


What Makes ‘em Tough

Royal's Hook N' Go Truck has gotten a lot of buzz within the municipality world. The multi-use function of the truck is budget friendly, and it is easy to use. Royal Truck & Equipment knows a thing or two about trucks. We design and manufacture our own bodies, buy and completely overhaul each truck that goes out the door, and do a great deal of hydraulic work. What does all this experience give you? Some awesome Hooklift builds! Hooklift trucks are becoming the preferred choice for the refuse, safety, forestry and landscape industry because of their versatility. They allow you to completely repurpose a truck. When we build our Hooklift bodies, we don’t just take a standard body and slap some rails on it to make it “Hooklift ready”. We completely design the body to the specifications and geometry of the frame, the capacity of the axles and the hoist we will be using. Doing this ensures that the body will always preform perfectly and that there’ll be no imbalance or safety concerns with the integrity of the truck, hoist, frame or body.