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Flyers & Info

Royal Truck & Equipment likes to make sure our customers are armed with as much knowledge as possible before they buy or rent a truck. That is why we have compiled all of our informational packets for your viewing pleasure. We like to work side by side with our customers and make sure their needs are being met. This page is devoted to informing you about all of our different builds and providing you the specs that go with them. Click on the images below to see what’s what among Royal’s current commercial Dump, Forestry, Refuse and Safety truck builds!

Check out some of the Info we have produced to better inform you about what and why you should buy or rent from Royal Truck & Equipment, Inc.

Why royal Flyers
TMA Truck mounted attenuator Flyers
Cone Truck / Safety packet
Royal Forestry Flyer
Royal Landscape Flyers
Royal Sidewinder Flyers
Royals Camera Flyers
Royals Road Runner Flyers