Financing for TMA Truck & Cone Safety Trucks

Financing for TMA & Cone Safety Trucks


Royal has a number of financial options available to its customers.  If you need a TMA or Cone Safety Truck, consider the options below:


– Royal has a network of preferred rental companies that we work with throughout North America.  We can frequently obtain preferred rates and terms that beat the competition.  We also have our own fleet of TMAs and Safety Trucks that are available at any time.  Short-term or long-term, we will get you what you need at a better price.


- (50%-100% credit toward purchase) – Royal is the only TMA Truck manufacturer that offers a rent-to-own option.  While this is common with equipment, it is not with TMAs.  If you don’t want to finance the purchase, and you don’t want a short-term rental, consider Royal’s rent-to-own program.  Depending on the length of time needed to complete the purchase, you could receive between 50% and 100% of your rental value toward the purchase.

Purchase Financing:

– We can make financing work for almost any buyer.  36, 48, and 60 month terms are available at prevailing interest rates.  We have partnerships with a number of finance companies that will take care of our customers, even if you are a start-up. (Financing is available to qualified applicants.  Pricing varies based on year, make, and model of the truck.  Average payments will be based on current interest rates, good credit, the length of financing, % money down, and length of time in business.)


- Cash is King.  If you are looking for custom work, we will ask for a percentage deposit and the balance will be due upon delivery.

Why Finance?

  • Finance a TMA Truck from Royal Truck & Equipment
  • Lease a TMA Truck from Royal Truck & Equipment
  • Lease or Finance a TMA Truck from Royal Truck & Equipment


Ten years ago, about 16% of new trucks became financed trucks. Today, nearly one in three trucks on the road are financed. Whether you lease or buy your vehicle depends largely on your goals. If you’re looking to justify financing, you might want to think about the year of the truck you want on the road, and how long you want it to last. Lower miles might justify that financing.

  • Lease a Truck from Royal Truck & Equipment for low monthly payments
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Monthly lease payments through financing are usually lower than monthly rental payments because you’re paying for use of the truck only during the time of the rental. Premium rates can be charged, because if your work zone does not have a TMA Truck, in most states, you will not be able to continue operations. "Pay or don't work" has held a lot of companies ransom.

  • Royal Truck and Equipment has low financing monthly payments
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Royal Truck & Equipment is proud to partner with a financial institution that helps our customers. Providing 48, 54, or 60 month terms depends on your company's time in business and credit history. But don't worry, no matter what your circumstances are, we can work with you. Royal Truck & Equpiment can get you a quick approval, and offers unbeatable payments for any budget!

Monthly Payments That Fit Your Budget Needs

*** Download the Royal Finance Program Brochure - click here

Example of Your Monthly Payments

Royal Truck & Equipment's standard TMA Truck body (shown below) is made from heavy duty steel, and designed to work with Royal's modular components. Any accessory can be added or removed at any time from the body with seamless integration.

Based on year, make, and model, a standard TMA Truck pricing varies. For this example, we will use a $75,000 Truck.

Truck Cost - $75,000

Term - Based on how long you have been in business and your credit history: 48, 54, or 60 months

Monthly payment - $1,800

Finance a TMA Truck with Royal Truck & Equipment

Find Out If You Qualify For Financing:





What Client’s Say

It’s a real joy working with a company such as yours that puts customer satisfaction, quality and performance above just trying to make a quick buck. I look forward to doing business with you again in the near future
Scott Shultz
Thank you for yet another quality late model truck. It has been mistaken for a brand new truck but is a 2000 with 95K on it. Your service is perfect on the sales end and your shop does nice work!
Pennsy Supply
You and your staff have provided outstanding customer service to me and my company. I am extremely pleased with my vehicle purchase from you and will continue to purchase all of my business vehicles from you in the future. In additiona, I will definitely be recommending you and your company to all of my business associates
Anthony Vivelo
Your staff went over the truck to make sure that it was right BEFORE I took it... which is exactly what I was looking for! I will definitely call Royal Truck for my next truck as my company grows.
Jim Bestys

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Business Applicant must qualify for program with sufficient time in business and credit.  Other terms may be available for those who do not qualify