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Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA) Trucks

A TMA(Truck Mounted Attenuator) Truck is designed to save lives in your work zone. Our truck, built to meet all work zone safety requirements, is intended to absorb the impact of a high (or low) speed crash, decrease damage made to the vehicle, and save workers' lives. We are proud of every truck we build. Over the years, we have learned to never settle for a design. Royal is committed to constant improvement, which means our best truck is always the next one we build. Today, Royal's TMA Truck is considered the model design. We have been fortunate to earn this title through years of engineering our customer feedback right into our custom-built models. Thank you for keeping us at the forefront of this market.

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A TMA Truck Actually Saves Lives

Every second of this video reveals the truth about work zone safety...a TMA Truck is needed.

Scorpion Attenuators are the best on the market...that is why Royal is their largest user.

Watch a rear-facing view camera capture night construction work zone attenuator hit on a TMA Truck. A semi-trailor truck was driving in the work zone cones. Luckily no one was killed becuase this work zone was equipped with our TMA Truck.




Royal TMA Truck Who Stands Behind the Truck You Stand in front of

Who Stands Behind The Truck You Stand In Front Of?

Royal Truck and Equipment is in the safety business. We supply trucks and equipment to the professionals involved in building and maintaining our country's infrastructure. Over the last decade Royal has become known for its Attenuator Trucks (a.k.a. TMA Trucks). We are proud to say that we are currently the largest manufacturer and distributor of TMA Trucks in North America.

During a visit to the America Traffic Safety Services Association's (ATSSA) show in San Diego, Royal posed the question - Who stands behind the truck you stand in front of? The purpose of this question is to evoke some thought regarding the quality and construction of the vehicles that are used to protect workers in a work zone. Not all trucks are built equally when it comes to serving their intended purpose in an impact by oncoming traffic. Anyone renting, purchasing, or utilizing one of these trucks in a work zone should feel confident that the truck will do what it was intended to do...protect the workers that stand in front of it. Unfortuntely, the mere presence of a truck, regardless of the quality of its construction, can sometimes be a red herring.

Most TMA Trucks are built "in-house" by the company that intends to use it. Many of these trucks are built inexpensively, and in the "most convenient" manner possible. The unfortunate reality is that this can lead to a false sense of security for the companies that operate them, and more importantly for the workers who rely on them for their safety. While there are standards put forth by manufacturers and by the NCHRP, there is no true set of national regulations that requires any certification or inspection of these vehicles before they are pressed into service. This can lead to some potentially risky and dangerous situations.

Royal stands behind the quality of every truck we produce. Our trucks surpass the standards and certification processes of even the most strict state regulations, and our unique TMA bodies have been engineered to successfully sustain impacts. Present throughout the United States and Canada, our trucks have a proven track record of success in protecting workers; a statistic that Royal is very proud to share with out customers.

If you are considering renting or puchasing an Attenuator Truck in this season, consider calling Royal first. There are many important considerations that should be addresses before any TMA Truck is put out on the work site. Whether you purchase from Royal or not, we will make sure you are well educated about the relevant decisions when making such a purchase. We proudly stand behind our trucks and hope that you will choose a Royal TMA Truck to stand in front of when you are making your next purchase or rental.



Cushion Truck or Imapct Attenuator For Sale

Al Bolca

A & Z Siding Construction

"The Truck I bought from Royal has been excellent. What made me buy is 100% because of your sales person. Friendly, and honest...all over a good person, and did not pressure the buyer. I will gladly recommend Royal to anyone." 

Jim Hoffman

New Jersey Fench & Guardrail, Inc.

"The truck looks great. Thank you for doing such a great job. Royal Truck and all the employees went above and beyond what was expected. Your attention to detail is much appreciated, and will keep me coming back years to come." 
I recommend Royal Truck and Equipment.

Gary Spillane

Atlantic Building Products, Inc.

"Royal Truck and Equipment is all we could want in a manufacturer. They were direct, efficient, and pleasant. These qualities will surely have me recommending, and using Royal for all my future purchases." 

Royal is the #1 TMA Truck Manufacturer in the country.



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