What Makes ‘em Tough

Landscape Bodies / Trucks

Royal Truck & Equipment knows what it takes to make it in the world of landscaping and construction. It’s demanding and intense work that isn’t easy on the body or on trucks and equipment. When we engineer our trucks, we keep this in mind by designing bodies that meet the needs of the workers and the work.

  • Our bodies are rugged and durable so that they will stand up to years of repeated abuse.
  • We cannot take all the credit for our designs - our customers’ unique ideas and individual custom requests have, over the years, become a part of our standard builds.
  • Everything from our heavy duty steel bodies with angled gussets, steel tubing to reinforce the sides... and floor to our heavy duty hoists and tool boxes are some of the best in the landscaping industry!

Download our Landscape Truck flyer to learn about the build and specs:


landscape_front        landscape_back


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