What Makes ‘em Tough

Grapple Trucks & K- Boom Trucks

Royal has maintained a strong presence in the forestry industry and earned a reputation for some of the best built trucks over the years. One of the the trucks we always take particular pride in is our Grapple truck. Each is equipped with our incredibly durable forestry body and either a Kesla grapple or the world renowned Epsilon grapple crane. Each chassis is hand picked and inspected by the owner and president of the company before it even makes it back to our facility to be thoroughly inspected by our highly trained technicians. Once the truck meets all of our standards and is deemed worthy, the build process begins where our team of engineers and fabricators determines whether or not the frame will be stretched or shortened and whether or not an axle roll will be necessary to accommodate the weight of the body and capacity of the possible load.

Forestry_front      forestry_back