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Why A TMA Truck Saves Lives

Posted by Samantha Schwartz on Jun 10, 2015 3:41:00 PM
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We have identified the top 4 reasons a TMA Truck saves lives. It is important to keep the safety of your workers and your motorists in mind when purchasing your TMA Truck.  

  1. Stands in front of your men
    • The heavy duty TMA Truck in your work zone will work as a barrier between ongoing traffic and those working to perfect our roads. Long gone are the days of safety cones and less reliable materials, the TMA Truck is durable and something you want in front (or behind) of you.
  2. Attenuator technology will reduce crash impact
    • Currently men are required to be in the bed of a TMA truck while it is protecting those on the field. The attenuator technology you find on a TMA truck will reduce the impact to the vehicle and those inside if it were to ever be hit. Traffix is an industry leader for this technology with their Scorpion attenuator.
  3. Arrow Board redirects traffic
    • The arrow board on the back of most TMA Trucks alerts drivers to move out of the way. The TMA Truck alerts others of where they need to be so there are no accidents in the work zone.
  4. Cone placement systems keep men off road
    • With new advancements in technology that provide the industry with cone and barrel placement systems men no longer need to set up on the field. They can simply attach this technology to their TMA and mark themselves safe out of danger's way. To learn more about this technology click here.
Are you hungry for more? Download the TMA Safety Guide to use as a reference when you look at your own TMA Truck.
The Top 4 Safety Features for your TMA Truck
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