Autonomous TMA Truck (ATMA)

    Update: February 14, 2017

    Royal Truck & Equipment has partnered with Colas to launch the Autonomous TMA truck in the UK, spring of 2017. Stay tuned for more!



    What is the "ATMA"

    The Next Generation of Roadway Construction Work Zone Safety

    The ATMA(Autonomous TMA Truck) is outfitted with an electro-mechanical system and fully integrated sensor suite that will enable Leader/Follower capability that allows the ATMA to follow a lead vehicle completely unmanned. The technology is being adapted to the roadway construction industry, and leveraged from existing systems currently deployed, and in use by the U.S. military. Kratos company, Micro Systems Inc., powers the technology behind the driverless truck.

    "Any time a driver can be removed from these vehicles in a very dangerous situation, and if the vehicle's struck, there's nobody inside of it to receive the damage or the injuries...that's measuring success," said President of Royal Truck and Equipment, Rob Roy.

    How Does The "ATMA" Operate

    Operation of the ATMA will be conducted in a configuration called Leader/Follower to replicate real-world operation. The configuartion will include a human-driven Leader vehicle, followed by an unmanned Follower vehicle (the ATMA). The leader vehicle is a human-driven vehicle that will be outfitted with a NAV Module that is strapped to the roof of the vehicle during testing. The NAV Module contains a GPS receiver, system computer, digital compass, and a transceiver. It transmits GPS position data called "eCrumbs" back to the Follower vehicle, which then uses the data to follow the exact path and speed of the Leader vehicle at each point along the route. The NAV Module can be easily unstrapped and removed from one vehicle and installed on another if a different leader vehicle is required.


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